No TV Day

Why is it impossible to take pictures of children wearing goods you want to take pictures of?


She says "here, Mommy, YOU wear the stupid hat and see how you like it."


It's amazing how much I get done without TV distractions. Come the New Year all I am going to want to do is just sit and relax though. So we'll see how long this lasts. Right now we're doing two days a week, two evenings really. (Not interfering with any Football, Good Lord, no.)


I wasn't going for authenticity here, it's a Christmas ornament after all, and a Crate and Barrel knock-off.


I wasn't going to pay $23.95 for a three pack. Ridiculous.



He loves when I take pictures. He really does. Making some fleecy pants for Miss EB! We didn't even have to call 911.


Look, we made something nice with the crazy hat lady yarn! The Odessa, without beads. So easy, and so pretty, and it's actually pretty uni-sex. Well, besides the color. Elliott also loves his Quilt Throne. I don't have the heart to take it away from him. Our Christmas-stuff-making list is done. Can you spell that? D-O-N-E! Never really believed it would happen on time.


So we made some Bobaknit Cookie Swap cookies for tonight, "Finska Pinnar" (Finnish Sticks). Shock full of butter goodness.

There's another batch waiting in the fridge to be made. Mmhmm.


Dear Santa,

Patience. It's what I want for Christmas. No, not the GnR song. The real thing.

To realize that doing the dishes 4 times a day is just something you have to do.

Doing laundry takes time.

That even when my mind has 10 gazillion projects in it, it is ok to finish one or two, and consider it a success.

It's not possible to knit for everyone all the time. Or sew.

Ordering pizza is not a cooking failure; besides, Miss EB loves it.

Phew. Let's bake.


Really, the vodka is there for a reason. It was Lucia Day here yesterday (always on December 13th), and you have to eat Lucia buns. It's almost the law.


So we got some fancy saffron at Penzeys. Look how pretty it is!


Here's where the vodka comes in. Steep the saffron for about 10 minutes. Brings out this amazing color.


Look how pretty the dough is! Even though it's yeast less. Yes, I forgot the yeast.


After almost non-rising (the dough was too cool by the time I rememberd to swish the yeast in. Real quick like.) But the dough was pliant and nice and shiney and rolled out well.



And they rose in the oven. PHEW. Not as pretty as they could be, but ok.


Recipe from my old and trusted cookbook. Similar to this one. We added the egg to the dough (it makes it pretty & shiny, also the reason I give my dog raw eggs once in a while. His coat is so pretty & shiny!) Brushed the saffron buns with a little water and melted butter after they came out of the oven, instead of brushing them with an egg before going in (like I used to do.) Those modifications, plus the vodka are all tips from my Grandma. (She's made a few of these in her life time so I trust her implicitly.) You can make them into all kinds of shapes. Church doors, birds, horses, priest hair (just look at the picture), or our usual "kitties".


Then we tackled the ginger bread cookies. You can never have to many cookie cutters. Never. The piglet is my favorite.


I find it interesting that the Swedish kitchen contains so many exotic & interesting spices. Cardamom year around; saffron, cloves, ginger, nutmeg during the holidays. I suppose the Swedes got around back in the day.


Mamma's little helper. Of course with her own rolling pin. Wearing Daddy's mapron. And her favorite kitty shirt.


I'd like to think we look a little alike.



Hello, it's Wednesday!


Spitting image, if I may say so.


Watcha think?

Miss EB loves kitties & it's a tribute to the badassest & cutest little kitty who ever lived. Wen, I know you are still keeping the Orange Boys in line, we all miss you.


Daddy made his own ornament. It's a shocker, I know. This year you don't have to be embarrassed to be a Chiefs fan. At least not yet.


"Sew Easy Pajama Pants" by Taylor Made Designs. And they really were. Even with the fake fly & pocket.


Who knew Moose went "vov-vov-vov"? Just ask Ella, she'll tell you.


Fondled at Bobaknit last night. It's not mine, dammit.




Directly translated that would be "pepper cookies". I think it's because they do have some spice to them.


I was told yesterday that my cookbook looks a little worn. It's travelled the seas! Ok, maybe just a one way trip, but still.


This is a low calorie recipe. Uh huh. (If you need help with measurements & translation let me know! This is the identical recipe from my cookbook.)


It smells SO good! Cinnamon, cloves, ginger & Christmas music on the iPod! Perfection.


Now to let it sit for 12 hours. At least. Last year I sort of forgot it in the fridge for about a week. I think they were the tastiest ones I had made to date. We'll see if I can keep my paws off of it for that long. And, this recipe makes 150 cookies. Any takers for some of the dough? I can't possibly eat 150 cookies. Wait.

Check it out, our gnomey guy got himself a wifey! With BOOBS! I think she keeps him in line. She's got that look about her. Maybe it's the boobs. They look kind of intimidating.


Miss EB's XMas socks are DONE! (And I thought there would be Christmas Eve panic. Hah.)


Look who also had to be in the picture. He's so needy.


And because I had some left over STR Green Jeans for Jen to finish her Monsieur Frog, look what she gave us! I think his new home is the Christmas tree.


Ending with some Miss EB cuteness. She's reading and going "vov-vov-vov" (which would be woof-woof-woof in english). It's the cutest thing. Maybe now I should deal with the spagetti squeezing party next to me. Great fun.

Some things are best left unknitted...


The pattern is absolutely lovely. The yarn is also very lovely. The combination is atrocious. Seriously. One of the Bobaknitters suggested I give it to the homeless old lady on University in Palo Alto. It might have actually worked, IF I also had had enough yarn to actually FINISH the hat. Or maybe that is a blessing in disguise. Nobody should really be seen in this hat.


Except the Loser who kept knitting & knitting on a hat that looked crazier & crazier. At least it matched my hair! Or maybe that is also not a good thing. Be glad the flash is covering up some of the hat. It looks almost diseased. Very contagiously so.


We'll counteract with uber-cuteness. The dress/jumper is from Simplicity 5317, yes, the same pattern we used for the Princess Leia outfit. It comes with a crapload of useful patterns. The kitty was added on a whim, Googled kitties & silhouettes (thank  you Kristi!) and just winged the design on some tracing paper, cut out a fabric piece, ironed it onto the dress using Steam-a-Seam double sided interfacing (trick also by Kristi. It worked GREAT!)

Then zig-zagged around the outline, and embroidered the whiskers and tail, added home made buttons in fabric to match the kitty. ("Home-made" used loosely, they are seriously as easy to make as just buying a button.)


And because we couldn't stop ourselves, another one was made. It still needs buttons.



This is the end, beautiful friend.

Crafty Completions in the month of November:

  • Knitted a pair of XMas socks (Kai-meis).
  • Knitted three hats (all Koolhaas).
  • Sewed 8 small & one large pumpkins. (Martha Stewart pattern.)
  • Sewed one mapron (home grown pattern) & two girly aprons (Cindy Taylor Oates pattern.)
  • Sewed one burlap table runner. (I can't believe I never even blogged it!)
  • Sewed a set of oven mitts (home grown pattern).

The question is, will I do NaBloPoMo next year? Just looking at the number of projects that were planned & completed, I will have to say yes. There's nothing like the pressure of having SOMETHING to show, every day. It really did help a lot, and the sole reason I am ahead this year.

What it really means is, I will be a total lazy slacker for most of December. Which, by the way, starts tomorrow!


That Advent Calendar was my first embroidery-by-numbers project, kit made by Bucilla. It may have taken me about 2.5 years to finish. Mostly because I am lazy. Of course we have a chocolate Advent calendar too! We're not stupid. It's difficult to re-use that one every year though.


Isn't it cute?? If you want to get into embroidery, then I highly recommend these kits. They are easy, come with everything, and have good instructions.


So what projects do we have to do for DECEMBER?

  • Finish Miss EB's second sock. (I know, I will be in a knitting frenzy on XMas eve. Just wait and see.)
  • Make ornaments for these!


What kind? Sewed owls kind of like these? Amigurumi snowmen/trees/santas? Tomtar?

Ideas? Anyone?

P.S. I did miss two days of blogging. But it's really ok. I got a shitload of stuff done. Which is much more important. And listening to the Doors.






It's almost over, right?

Really just copying Abigail, but November is almost over! PHEW.


Someone picked out her tree today. A year ago, she was barely old enough to smile, and today she was running around the Christmas trees. Time flies.


We also have a little tree filled with Snow men. I love snow men ornaments.


Check out my cute boys. Elliott is LOVING gettin' lovings. Really, he is.


 It's such a fun & easy & quick knit, but I think I am done knitting hats & socks for awhile.




Turkey Stock


At least we did something today. If chopping up some vegetables, adding water, and a ginormous turkey carcass to a pot & letting it simmer for 3-4 hours constitutes doing anything. (Yes, we need to invest in an actual stock pot.)


Too rainy to get a tree today, but at least we got the gnomies out.


Can you believe those aren't real candles?


Give Thanks

It has become a tradition. I'm pretty sure we're not alone doing it, going around the table, giving thanks for something in our lives. We start out silly & a little awkward, it becomes more serious as we go around the table. There's never a dry eye. But, it's also so very important. That we find something to be thankful for, and if it's someone - that we let them know.


Some days are for enjoying, being in the moment, not behind the camera lens, or on a computer.

Today on the other hand was for Rockband & Leftovers.


And lazing about on the couch.