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April 2017

Down with the sickness

Oh yeah. For like three weeks out of this month. We are kind of done with it. Pneumonia is a total bitch. So we made some pickled eggs. They looked kind of amazing, and we've never made them before. And seems easy when you are kind of coughing your lungs out. 

Used Marisa's recipe, which looks incredible! And we have an Instant Pot, which makes the most amazing hard boiled eggs. They are an absolute dream to peel. (If that's a thing.)

Seven minutes on low pressure, and quick release. Boom.



Did I mention they are a dream to peel? Amazing.



Gathered all the necessities. Fiddled for a bit.



Had one of them for lunch today. Not terribly pickly, a slight beet (delicious) flavor, and pretty firm. 


So easy, and so good.