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First Fall Chili


Three years ago, uh, yeah, a really long time ago, I did NaBloPoMo last. The blogging every day in November thing. Last time I actually blogged AT ALL was October 2011. That's TWO years ago.


But anyway. We're doing this, because it gave me a kick in the ass to finish projects back then. This time, some of them may be knitting related, but most likely more housey related. Because in the last year we bought a house. Everyone already knows that, but it makes for a good filler. This is going to be a long month.


That's our House Project List. It's four pages. It has color codes for "this has to be done before XMas", it's in bold font and red. It's crazy, for sure. But it actually helps us prioritizing and not running around like two crazy people at Home Depot, buying whatever we see. Which we do enough of already.


That's how we figured out where to hang the kitchen light over the table. Just eye ball the middle of the table, and jab a large screw driver through the ceiling. There used to be a ceiling fan, but centered in the actual room.


And viola, there it is. My only input in this process was to help pick the light. We love Rejuvenation.




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