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November 2013

Nothing Got Done

We had a list. And I mean a giant list. It was full of stuff like, "hang pictures", "make yogurt", "clean stuff", "make chicken stock", "clean up backyard". Like a really long list.

So we went to IKEA.


It's not like it was on a whim.


Mid-century ugly meets IKEA. I'm sorry all you bar peeps. The old chairs are gone. We also bribe well with beer.


Trying to fix the old kitchen chairs, but they are really beyond repair.


 Stay tuned for Chairs Part 2.


Your Personal Brand

Yesterday I read this article by a female lawyer, written for other women in the company she works for, on how to behave as a woman.

Read it yourself and form your own opinion. I can have opinions on what she says, the tone she uses, and why she is saying what she felt was necessary to convey, in writing, but those are just my opinions. There are a few things I know.

1. There is no man in this world who would send out an e-mail with advise to his fellow male co-workers on how to behave at work. 

2. Having awereness around how you are perceived in the work place is one of the most important ways of controlling your career path, and ultimately success.

3. My generation, women in our 40s, (are we almost-GenX?), cannot understand why acting appropriately is something that has to be taught. 

Today, female CEOs have to let their women employees know that wearing thongs and "ill-fitting" jeans (that is low cut for all you cool people, but I love the word ill-fitting so much more), are not appropriate attire for work. And that maybe posting drunk and making-out pictures when you are Facebook friends with your manager, is limiting your professional credibility. 

Are we just old? Has feminism changed? Is there an aura of entitlement? Are we all living as public figures in a way we never used to? What do we teach our kids?

I don't have any answers, and I have a ton of answers. I strongly believe that we need to always support any woman who stands up and tries to make other women better.

Let's show our daughters, girl friends, that  cultivating their nurturing is not a weakness, it's a strength, because it will make us exponentially better when we share our experiences. Whatever they may be. 



First Fall Chili


Daylight savings sort of did its thing today. Combined a couple of chili recipes, mostly on the spice front, to make the first one of the season. (That would be the Football season.)


And the downstairs closet is finally painted. Closet #5. I'm kind of tired of painting closets. We removed the pathetic closet rod, and decided to probably add more shelves. But that's for later. At least it smells like clean paint now.


I love semi-gloss paint. Now we have to figure out what doors to use. Paint the sliders we have? Or get these?

Kitchen dining light also has a dimmer now (just imagine it), patio no longer looks like the white trash backyard (I didn't even want to take a picture of the mess), and the new smoke detector is up.


We combined the Penzey's & CI's Cincy Chilies. And are sitting on our asses.



Three years ago, uh, yeah, a really long time ago, I did NaBloPoMo last. The blogging every day in November thing. Last time I actually blogged AT ALL was October 2011. That's TWO years ago.


But anyway. We're doing this, because it gave me a kick in the ass to finish projects back then. This time, some of them may be knitting related, but most likely more housey related. Because in the last year we bought a house. Everyone already knows that, but it makes for a good filler. This is going to be a long month.


That's our House Project List. It's four pages. It has color codes for "this has to be done before XMas", it's in bold font and red. It's crazy, for sure. But it actually helps us prioritizing and not running around like two crazy people at Home Depot, buying whatever we see. Which we do enough of already.


That's how we figured out where to hang the kitchen light over the table. Just eye ball the middle of the table, and jab a large screw driver through the ceiling. There used to be a ceiling fan, but centered in the actual room.


And viola, there it is. My only input in this process was to help pick the light. We love Rejuvenation.