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The Most Beautiful Thing I Ever Knitted

Lately there's mostly been cooking going on around here. But in the background there was this MAMMOTH damn knitting project lingering, going on six years. And it is finally finished.


It doesn't look like a whole lot before blocking, does it?


Blocking being an entirely different beast, altogether. A pain in the ass, is what I mean.


But then you see it in all its glory. And it is glorious. Fantastic. Gorgeous. Worth every second you spent on it.


And you say the same thing you did after 40 weeks and 4 days of pregnancy, 25 hours of labor, 1.5 hours of pushing. "Let's make another one!"

You probably call it crazy, but something you sweated through comes out so stunningly gorgeous?! And you are completely caught by surprise by its beauty.


Not that I am equating our child to a knitted object. Because look at THAT concentrated gorgeousness? Beats anything I have ever laid eyes on. Yes, our Master Icer is at work!


This is what we started with, because I am a little late blogger, and these were St Patty's Traditional Cupcakes!


They came out a little odd with some mixed in brownness, maybe it was the gel color I used that didn't get mixed properly. But oh my, Martha knows her velvet cupcakes!


We used the Sprinkles frosting recipe. Oh yum. And some orange sprinkles.


Ok, maybe just a little bit crazy. If you consider pausing your TV and using your fancy ass camera to take about 20 pictures of this GORGEOUS hat Temperance was wearing on "Bones", crazy. I'm not sure I followed the storyline much this time. Look at it! So cute. Even if the weather here is spring & almost summerish this week.

Winter will be back.


P.S. The shawl is Print O' the Wave stole by Eunny Jang. I will definitely knit lace again. Definitely.



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Your comparison of knitting to childbirth made me laugh. It's funny because sometimes it really is true!

(formerly) no-blog-rachel

Absolutely gorgeous. And the shawl's nice too. :)


Tina showed me this on sunday and she said what is it? I said OH MY GOD SHE FINISHED THE PRINT O THE WAVES! ha! Looks great though, worth the years of work.


LOL! I've been working on my very similar shawl (from Victorian Lace Today, not Eunny) for a couple of years now! Thanks for sticking with it and being a good role model. :)


Absolutely gorgeous. It was worth the effort!

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