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For someone very little. Actually, someone who should be joining us soon. I'm pretty sure her Mommy & Daddy want to see her real soon. Loved making the blanket, Jared Flood's Umaro pattern, in something soft & washable. All his patterns are fantastic.  The hat was just winged, but the booties are Christine's Stay-On Baby Booties.


And for when she gets a little older.


About our Model's age. Who really wanted to get this thing...




Then it was time for Karen's Nemesises (yes, I am pretty sure that is a word). Pretty undulating cables, and the Malabrigo sock yarn is so soft. I will always think of being in the car on the way to Monterey Bay Aquarium while knitting these ones. Pissing rain the whole way. But oh boy, was it pretty.


Miss EB thought it was amazing.


The knitting continued.


Don't remember the yarn (I am SURE there's a label floating around somewhere), but the pattern is Aantje by Knitwhits, purchased at Stitches 2011, A little fidgety to knit here and there, but overall came out nice. For a Mommy, but not mine. It's still cold in Minnesota, so it hopefully will come to good use soon!


Our very special Model took it upon herself to model it as well.


Miss Babs sock & baby yarn made us some Pricklies. If I make them again, will definitely add a little length after the thumb. But since they're not for me, they will probably fit the recipient fine!


Oh wait, yes, these are for me! And therefore decided to mirror the mitts. Completely forgot to do the k1tbl,p1 ribbing on the first mitt (with the pink cuff), so I ripped it out from the bottom (really, just cut the yarn), and knitted it from the pattern down. They're for me, I never had any plans to re-knitting the entire mitt, maybe only some vague idea to knit three mitts. And stupid, yes, I forgot, also a stupid idea.


Because with a beer or two, who'll notice anyway?


My Sweetie got me flowers.


I love tulips.


So delicate.


We didn't forget it was Semla-day on Tuesday, I'm pretty sure that's why it's also called Fat Tuesday. My swedish cookbook didn't have a recipe (!!!), but thankfully we have the internets, and used this one.


Oh yeah, it tasted as good as it looks.


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Miss EB is right, those moon jellies are amazing.

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