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Oh, swatch it.

Only I didn't say fudge. I mean. Anyway.


So that looks ok, right? Finally. Cotton-Ease on sz 4 needles. Yes, size 4. I am a loose knitter, as they say. This would be swatch number five. Mhmm. In the middle there I decided to try another pattern. It didn't really work out. Twice (because I never learn the first time). So back to Umaro, and size 4 needles. I would have to knit until eternity to get this completed with the correct size. And it is such a gorgeous pattern, I just didn't want to knit it in something that would weigh a ton. Not for someone itty bitty. That's all I am going to say about that.


Berroco Comfort Chunky is the Savior (after the second half-swatch, size 7 needles). There is not an ounce of natural fibers in this yarn, but it FEELS nice. And it's easy to wash & dry. That is going to be important. (Hint, hint.)

Did I mention how important it is to swatch things?  Although, after six 4"x6" swatches I kind of feel like the project is done. Except they all looked aweful. Until the last one. And it's even green.


So we have a new project, and the Print O' Forever Shawl is on hold. For now. I'm not worried, it's not going anywhere.



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I'm glad you finally found a yarn you like for this project! Go, Linda, Go! :)


glad the comfort chunky worked out---I'm liking it too, good easy care gift yarn.


Juls: I should say Juls is my Savior!!! When you read the description (as the yarn snob I am) it sounds like crap, but touching it really helped sway me! it is knitting up beautifully so far! You are right, it's great gift yarn for people who don't know what wool & hand wash mean (and who also think we are crazy for doing it;))

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