Some things are best left unknitted...
Hello, it's Wednesday!


Directly translated that would be "pepper cookies". I think it's because they do have some spice to them.


I was told yesterday that my cookbook looks a little worn. It's travelled the seas! Ok, maybe just a one way trip, but still.


This is a low calorie recipe. Uh huh. (If you need help with measurements & translation let me know! This is the identical recipe from my cookbook.)


It smells SO good! Cinnamon, cloves, ginger & Christmas music on the iPod! Perfection.


Now to let it sit for 12 hours. At least. Last year I sort of forgot it in the fridge for about a week. I think they were the tastiest ones I had made to date. We'll see if I can keep my paws off of it for that long. And, this recipe makes 150 cookies. Any takers for some of the dough? I can't possibly eat 150 cookies. Wait.

Check it out, our gnomey guy got himself a wifey! With BOOBS! I think she keeps him in line. She's got that look about her. Maybe it's the boobs. They look kind of intimidating.


Miss EB's XMas socks are DONE! (And I thought there would be Christmas Eve panic. Hah.)


Look who also had to be in the picture. He's so needy.


And because I had some left over STR Green Jeans for Jen to finish her Monsieur Frog, look what she gave us! I think his new home is the Christmas tree.


Ending with some Miss EB cuteness. She's reading and going "vov-vov-vov" (which would be woof-woof-woof in english). It's the cutest thing. Maybe now I should deal with the spagetti squeezing party next to me. Great fun.


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Intimidating boobs, eh? ;)


Hmm pepper cookies I am going to have to check those out but by the ingredients they sound good.

I am glad Mr Gnome got himself a wife & Miss EB is so adorable.


Rae: they're just ginger bread cookies:) They are yummy! And Missy says thank you!:)

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