Dear Santa,
Cleaned Out

No TV Day

Why is it impossible to take pictures of children wearing goods you want to take pictures of?


She says "here, Mommy, YOU wear the stupid hat and see how you like it."


It's amazing how much I get done without TV distractions. Come the New Year all I am going to want to do is just sit and relax though. So we'll see how long this lasts. Right now we're doing two days a week, two evenings really. (Not interfering with any Football, Good Lord, no.)


I wasn't going for authenticity here, it's a Christmas ornament after all, and a Crate and Barrel knock-off.


I wasn't going to pay $23.95 for a three pack. Ridiculous.



He loves when I take pictures. He really does. Making some fleecy pants for Miss EB! We didn't even have to call 911.


Look, we made something nice with the crazy hat lady yarn! The Odessa, without beads. So easy, and so pretty, and it's actually pretty uni-sex. Well, besides the color. Elliott also loves his Quilt Throne. I don't have the heart to take it away from him. Our Christmas-stuff-making list is done. Can you spell that? D-O-N-E! Never really believed it would happen on time.


So we made some Bobaknit Cookie Swap cookies for tonight, "Finska Pinnar" (Finnish Sticks). Shock full of butter goodness.

There's another batch waiting in the fridge to be made. Mmhmm.



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That crazy lady yarn wasn't bad deep down, it just didn't like that particular pattern, or vice-versa. ;)

Your cookies look so yum!


Yeah, it's Manos, and I really liked it when I bought it.. just didn't work for that hat..

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