Hello, it's Wednesday!
No TV Day

Dear Santa,

Patience. It's what I want for Christmas. No, not the GnR song. The real thing.

To realize that doing the dishes 4 times a day is just something you have to do.

Doing laundry takes time.

That even when my mind has 10 gazillion projects in it, it is ok to finish one or two, and consider it a success.

It's not possible to knit for everyone all the time. Or sew.

Ordering pizza is not a cooking failure; besides, Miss EB loves it.

Phew. Let's bake.


Really, the vodka is there for a reason. It was Lucia Day here yesterday (always on December 13th), and you have to eat Lucia buns. It's almost the law.


So we got some fancy saffron at Penzeys. Look how pretty it is!


Here's where the vodka comes in. Steep the saffron for about 10 minutes. Brings out this amazing color.


Look how pretty the dough is! Even though it's yeast less. Yes, I forgot the yeast.


After almost non-rising (the dough was too cool by the time I rememberd to swish the yeast in. Real quick like.) But the dough was pliant and nice and shiney and rolled out well.



And they rose in the oven. PHEW. Not as pretty as they could be, but ok.


Recipe from my old and trusted cookbook. Similar to this one. We added the egg to the dough (it makes it pretty & shiny, also the reason I give my dog raw eggs once in a while. His coat is so pretty & shiny!) Brushed the saffron buns with a little water and melted butter after they came out of the oven, instead of brushing them with an egg before going in (like I used to do.) Those modifications, plus the vodka are all tips from my Grandma. (She's made a few of these in her life time so I trust her implicitly.) You can make them into all kinds of shapes. Church doors, birds, horses, priest hair (just look at the picture), or our usual "kitties".


Then we tackled the ginger bread cookies. You can never have to many cookie cutters. Never. The piglet is my favorite.


I find it interesting that the Swedish kitchen contains so many exotic & interesting spices. Cardamom year around; saffron, cloves, ginger, nutmeg during the holidays. I suppose the Swedes got around back in the day.


Mamma's little helper. Of course with her own rolling pin. Wearing Daddy's mapron. And her favorite kitty shirt.


I'd like to think we look a little alike.




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jeannie beannie

so cute!


Ahhh, Chopin, my favorite. What? No photos of the after-baking martini?

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