No TV Day
Oh, swatch it.

Cleaned Out

Went to our yearly great Mistry Christmas Party. Miss Independent wanted nothing to do with her parents, she stood 3 feet away, staring at that "guy" in the red suit. "He" was handing out presents too.


The rule is you have to come with an ornament. (Well, they will let you in without one too, probably even drag you in anyway, that's how nice they are!) It was last minute as always. Good thing we have a crapload of felt.


Thanks to Abigail for giving inspiration with her little birds from Falalala Felt.


Shamefully copied them on the fly. Added some sequins to the "tail feathers"; because everything is just cuter with sequins.


May have to buy that book too. And not only for my conscience.


Our holiday was great. And so was the ham.


Third year in a row Buoy is making our Bourbon & Brown Sugar Glazed Christmas ham.

What is it about traditions that make you feel so good? I want to eat this every year for the rest of my life.


It's still nice to have chucked out the Christmas tree yesterday. Very nice. Not sure the cats agree. Someone's Little Helper needed room for her new table to cook. This is serious business.



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If Erik catches wind of that ham tradition he might show up on your door. ;)


I will make it every year!! It is so good.

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