Better late than never.
Wanted: More Yarn.

To Ruffle Or Not To Ruffle

Reminds me of French toile, except with a Turkey & Pilgrims theme. Loved it, had to have it, and finally something for me! (And bloggable in all its glory!) From "More Retro Aprons" by Cindy Taylor Oates (yes, the same damn apron). Pretty cute, right?


But HOW MUCH CUTER is it with the ruffles? MUCH.


And I still have two more ruffles to make!

We did have this discussion at Tina's not-so-sweaty sweatshop yesterday. Some people are not ruffles people. I always thought I belonged to that group, until I saw this apron. So. Cute. Even though they take twice as long to make as the entire rest of the apron. Also running out of thread. Argh. Won't be finished tonight. Someone please twist my arm so I'll go to JoAnns tomorrow. Or maybe Bobbin's Nest. Oooooh...

Also finished some long overdue projects, which will be shipped tomorrow. Finally.


This is how we do Paninis around here. Black Forest Ham & Tillamook Cheddar.


Mm. It was good.



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Now I feel slightly guilty for not being a ruffle person. Yours is cute, though, I agree! And I like the pilgrim/turkey toile-ishness.

Yummy looking panini. I have never tried that with my waffle iron. I might have to soon.

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