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Summer Weather


With almost-record-breaking heat around the Bay Area, maybe it is time to completely finish Ella's Summer Sweater, she has sort of worn it already, buttons are really not THAT important, are they?


Tess' Baby Lace Cardigan. Again. How many have I made? I think this is #6. This time it's out of cotton. Did I mention how much I detest knitting with cotton yarns? Ick. I'll knit with wool any day. Ok, maybe not when it's 100 degrees outside, but still. This sweater is nicer for little newborns, not excited about the sleeves in the larger sizes, they seem too short and too wide. But the pattern is damn cute anyway.


Our "sweater blocking" consists of turning on the iron and steaming the shit out of it. It works.



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Ella's sweater came out great I love the color of it. I want to knit a sweater at some point just to say I have lol & it will surely be a kids one.


Pretty - I have to agree about the cotton yarn, suggest Rowan Wool Cotton as a nice compromise. Lion Cotton-Ease is not too bad either, has some give so it doesn't hurt my hands.

Linda Stahl

Juls: thank you for the idea! maybe i'll do that next time:) cotton-ease is pretty nice, i've crocheted alot of amigurumi with it, and it's not splitty at all.

i highly recommend tess' baby lace leaf cardigan, it's an easy knit, and so cute. (especially if you make the smallest size). it uses up about as much yarn as a pair of socks, which is perfect.


L - have seen you and Jill knit this cute pattern a zillion times, definitely on my hit list!!!

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