In the shuffling madness
Better late than never.

Rip & Repeat

Step #1:


Step #2:


No, they are not in the wrong order. It's only the fourth hat using this pattern I've made, you'd THINK I noted how many repeats were needed to fit (anybody). But no. (It's five. And for boy heads, probably 6.)


Carrot cupcakes, from Martha Stewart's "Cupcakes", for Tina's sweat shop tomorrow.


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I like the color yarn your using. May I ask what it is ? MMMMM carrot cupcakes sound yummy.


the cupcakes look great though :)


I forgot to eat cupcakes, darnit.

Linda Stahl

Rae: the color yarn is "saphire magenta".
Abigail: Dammit! Does it help if I say they were good?:) Martha Stewart carrot cupcakes and W-S lemon poppy seed muffins; let me know if you'd like to try to make them:) BUT you finished the apron!! That's awesome!

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