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November 2010

This is the end, beautiful friend.

Crafty Completions in the month of November:

  • Knitted a pair of XMas socks (Kai-meis).
  • Knitted three hats (all Koolhaas).
  • Sewed 8 small & one large pumpkins. (Martha Stewart pattern.)
  • Sewed one mapron (home grown pattern) & two girly aprons (Cindy Taylor Oates pattern.)
  • Sewed one burlap table runner. (I can't believe I never even blogged it!)
  • Sewed a set of oven mitts (home grown pattern).

The question is, will I do NaBloPoMo next year? Just looking at the number of projects that were planned & completed, I will have to say yes. There's nothing like the pressure of having SOMETHING to show, every day. It really did help a lot, and the sole reason I am ahead this year.

What it really means is, I will be a total lazy slacker for most of December. Which, by the way, starts tomorrow!


That Advent Calendar was my first embroidery-by-numbers project, kit made by Bucilla. It may have taken me about 2.5 years to finish. Mostly because I am lazy. Of course we have a chocolate Advent calendar too! We're not stupid. It's difficult to re-use that one every year though.


Isn't it cute?? If you want to get into embroidery, then I highly recommend these kits. They are easy, come with everything, and have good instructions.


So what projects do we have to do for DECEMBER?

  • Finish Miss EB's second sock. (I know, I will be in a knitting frenzy on XMas eve. Just wait and see.)
  • Make ornaments for these!


What kind? Sewed owls kind of like these? Amigurumi snowmen/trees/santas? Tomtar?

Ideas? Anyone?

P.S. I did miss two days of blogging. But it's really ok. I got a shitload of stuff done. Which is much more important. And listening to the Doors.






It's almost over, right?

Really just copying Abigail, but November is almost over! PHEW.


Someone picked out her tree today. A year ago, she was barely old enough to smile, and today she was running around the Christmas trees. Time flies.


We also have a little tree filled with Snow men. I love snow men ornaments.


Check out my cute boys. Elliott is LOVING gettin' lovings. Really, he is.


 It's such a fun & easy & quick knit, but I think I am done knitting hats & socks for awhile.




Turkey Stock


At least we did something today. If chopping up some vegetables, adding water, and a ginormous turkey carcass to a pot & letting it simmer for 3-4 hours constitutes doing anything. (Yes, we need to invest in an actual stock pot.)


Too rainy to get a tree today, but at least we got the gnomies out.


Can you believe those aren't real candles?


Give Thanks

It has become a tradition. I'm pretty sure we're not alone doing it, going around the table, giving thanks for something in our lives. We start out silly & a little awkward, it becomes more serious as we go around the table. There's never a dry eye. But, it's also so very important. That we find something to be thankful for, and if it's someone - that we let them know.


Some days are for enjoying, being in the moment, not behind the camera lens, or on a computer.

Today on the other hand was for Rockband & Leftovers.


And lazing about on the couch.



Chestnut Love

Every year we make the same stuffing. Chestnut & Wild Rice stuffing from some W-S magazine from years ago. Yes, that would be fresh chestnuts. Roasted on a not so open fire.


I hate roasting chestnuts, and bitch incessantly as I score each and every one, nearly taking off my fingers with the must-be sharp paring knife. My fingers are sore and hurt right now from the gripping and scoring. Not to mention what they will feel like after peeling the hot chestnuts when they're done. Yes, you have to peel them hot, or the fuzzy layer won't come off. Speaking from experience. But they taste divine, and are totally worth it. Even this year, when we had to do it twice, because they were too old & dry the first go around. Still worth it.


Swiss Chard & Sweet Potato au Gratin, waiting in the fridge to be au-gratined tomorrow. (From Smitten Kitchen.)


The staple each year, GBC from Cook's Illustrated.

Oh no, we're not going to bed any time soon. The Parker House Rolls (also CI) are rising & Jill is slaving over the Sweet Potato Chipotle Lime Soup.

Back to work. It smells so good in here right now.

TG Prep to the Wayside

I'm blaming eggnog. Bud's Ice Cream eggnog to be exact.


Or maybe whoever spiked it with grated nutmeg & maybe brandy. Which would theoretically be me.

Tomorrow is another day. Or, eh, today. Does that mean that I missed a day? We are at least churning icecream.


A kick in the ass

Maybe I need it. This is starting to get boring. You can only post so many pictures of wool & needles, right?


So we'll add the cute Elliott Super Kitty Model.


And the mitts are done.


I think it's pretty awesome that I managed to turn the toasters upside down on the straps. Both of them.

A Typical Sunday

If things work out well, we don't do much besides watch football. That's our requirement for a good Sunday. Call it re-charging your batteries, lazy, whatever. It is important to stop and reflect on things in your life, and how things change.


A few years ago when I was jaded about the holidays, and really thought they were meaningless; a friend of mine said, "don't you think it is nice to have a way to break up the year, giving you time to reflect on the past year?" Because she is one of the nicest people I know, she wouldn't say I was wrong, but I was.

Maybe that is why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, its whole purpose is to share with others & give thanks for what we have.

The menu is done, at least revision 1 (it usually changes); all the grocery shopping was done today, & the refrigerator is stuffed to the gills with piles of vegetable & fresh herb.


We could probably be more organized.