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High Falutin' Parenting Ideas


Eggos were never on my list of what I would feed my child. I don't even like them very much.  However, Miss EB LOVES them. How does she know? I gave her one. It's amazing what you do as a parent for a few minutes of silence. We have all been there. Finally came to the conclusion that it's really ok. Once in awhile.


Still, I confessed to my friend Abigail, and she sent me this recipe for Whole Grain Waffles. And by whole grain they really mean WHOLE GRAIN. There's all kinds of shtuff in there. I didn't have wheat germ at home, so I left it out. Even my every-day Safeway had the flax seed meal in stock. The waffles came out (surprisingly) light and fluffy. Delicious & served with strawberries & cream.


Just because she mostly licked off the cream doesn't mean she won't eat them again, right?


Other members of the family are not forgotten. Arlo has a near pavlovian response to the sound of the mixer. I don't know why.



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Just for the record, I just mentioned my recipe and you expressed interest! I don't want anyone to think that I shoved my whole grain waffles down your throat when you mentioned eggos. ;)

Linda Stahl

Abigail: LOL, you certainly didn't! But you always have a solution to my whining, and I really & truly appreciate it!!

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