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A Typical Sunday

If things work out well, we don't do much besides watch football. That's our requirement for a good Sunday. Call it re-charging your batteries, lazy, whatever. It is important to stop and reflect on things in your life, and how things change.


A few years ago when I was jaded about the holidays, and really thought they were meaningless; a friend of mine said, "don't you think it is nice to have a way to break up the year, giving you time to reflect on the past year?" Because she is one of the nicest people I know, she wouldn't say I was wrong, but I was.

Maybe that is why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, its whole purpose is to share with others & give thanks for what we have.

The menu is done, at least revision 1 (it usually changes); all the grocery shopping was done today, & the refrigerator is stuffed to the gills with piles of vegetable & fresh herb.


We could probably be more organized.





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Is that a pork tenderloin on your dinner plate? Looks delicious!


Yay! But no changing the menu at this point! ;^)

Linda Stahl

yup, it's from EDF, pork loin with a cumin rub and drizzled with some orange/marmalade dealio (Jacob made it). SO GOOD:)

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