A Typical Sunday
TG Prep to the Wayside

A kick in the ass

Maybe I need it. This is starting to get boring. You can only post so many pictures of wool & needles, right?


So we'll add the cute Elliott Super Kitty Model.


And the mitts are done.


I think it's pretty awesome that I managed to turn the toasters upside down on the straps. Both of them.


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Those are supercute. I hope the recipient appreciates them! :)


I could never get bored looking at pictures of needles & yarn lol. I love your oven mitts the pattern is so cute.

Linda Stahl

Rae: I got the fabric at Bobbin's Nest in Santa Clara, CA. I don't remember who actually designed it...


toast mitts are so super cute!! They give me a toothache ;)

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