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June 2010

Sew, Sew, Sew

The weather & hobbies change. Around here we started sewing. On the crappiest sewing machine in the universe. Really, that is not an exaggeration. So can it sew in a zipper? Oh, hell no. See the zipper for the sassy skirt class?

Had to be put on hold indefinitely. The crappy ass sewing machine could barely hold on to a straight line, so back to quilting we went.

Had these fabrics for a LONG time, especially in my mind, for pillows to match the bedroom quilt. First off, the square cutting is really not fun.


But then you get to play with all the colors.


And make a fun pin cushion to replace the old ratty one.

Yes, still on the old sewing machine. Straight lines.

With that nifty technique from Posy Gets Cozy. Even started some square quilted pillows for the Amy Butler quilt. They aren't for me.


 After the straight stitch was exhausted it was time to buy a new sewing machine. Yup. It didn't take long, and yup, it is lovely.


In the sewing groove that ensued, some seriously "old" xmas jammie pants were finished. Check out those button holes!!! How perfect are they? And all I did was push "start"!


Piping was made, and pillow #1 finished. Super Kitty Model Elliott in picture for scale. Or maybe just cuteness.


Zipper was sewn, all modifications completed, and the flounce hemmed. There was a lot of flounce to hem.  No picture of finished skirt because it's in the dirty wash. That's a good reason, right?


We had time for some baked beans too. PW recipe.  To go with the Memorial Day BBQ. 


This summer is going to be all about the BBQ. And sewing.