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If you please

Trying out new cupcakes & drinking champagne is not a shabby way to spend a Friday night. Maybe not very glamorous, but OH so good.


We started with the green velvet cupcakes.

Well, we started with the Veuve Clicquot Champagne. None of that went into the cupcakes.

Two recipes called out to us, this one from Bakerella, and CI's "The Perfect Cupcake". To keep them apart, we decided to make them different colors. Starting with Bakerella's Green Velvet ones, in honor of those Irish.


Difficult to keep your hands off of them. They were moist, fluffy & oh so yummy. 1 oz of green food coloring gave us this deep forest green cupcake. Could have possibly put more batter in each cup to make them look more domed. Oh well.


1 oz of red food coloring does look enough here, but the cupcakes turned out fuchsia. 2 oz needed for sure.


Unless you like fuchsia.


We used the same icing for both cupcakes, a recipe you get in the Sprinkles mix. It's really just a regular cream cheese frosting. With a lot of powdered sugar. A lot. Cupcakes aren't meant to be healthy. They're meant to taste good.


So which ones turned out best? The Green Velvet ones were everyones first choice. "The Perfect Cupcake" was not so perfect. Unless you like your cupcake with some substance. We attributed the substance to the butter and about twice the eggs, compared to the Bakerella recipe which used veggie oil and only 2 eggs. Maybe I would try making them again, mixing the cupcake ingredients in a different order, theoretically paying more attention. The recipe wasn't terribly specific, unusual for Cook's Illustrated recipes which are normally all about process.


Our theme of the evening was ROCKBAND. (Shocker, I know.) And really, it was the most fun! Credit given to JACOB (see, this is so I remember later), for suggesting to use the Rockband instrument symbols, they are round, just like our cupcakes! Maybe we just need a little more artistic talent.


Just a tiny bit.


But man, were they good.


Since this is for someone else, only toe remained of sock #1. It's now done, and on to #2. Easy, pretty & and fun. Just like cupcakes.