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February 2010

And it's over. For now.

Even though we are still watching recorded Olympics. Got as far as expected, knitted about an inch on the stole. The first weekend. Total. Oh well.

By the way, the Biathlon has got to be the most TV-friendly sport in existence. And SO fun to watch! 


And then there was Stitches. With new projects.


Miss Babs XMas socks for all three of us (for next year). Hot pink & green Endpaper mitts with Shelridge farms for me, and Buoy socks with Royal Hare.


Irish Knit Baby dress for Miss EB.


Flore Bloomers from Knitwhits, for Miss EB.


To go with her hat.


And a lot of Ellen's Half Pint Farm sock yarn for a lot of socks. Because you always need sock yarn. Really good sock yarn.


It's time to start another project. A pair of kai-meis for someone who has worn holes in hers. Let's call it Emergency Replacement Knitting. Oh yeah. With the new, lovely and hellishly expensive Signature size 0 needles.

Can't wait for next year. And London 2012.

Going For Gold

 We start with a lot of butter. Chop some onions & garlic and cook with butter until translucent.


No wait. We start with wine. Picked a nice Greenwood Ridge Sauvignon Blanc (not a fan of their Pinots, but the SB was amazing, or maybe it was late in our wine tasting day, well, anyway.) With four people, be prepared to open two bottles. Some of it is really for the food.


Scoop out most of the onions, set aside, & add the shells from the fresh shrimp you had your sous chef peel. (It's not a fun job.) The shells give you a complexity there are no shortcuts to. Add the wine and let the concoction putter until the alcohol flavor is gone (yes, taste it frequently.)  Strain your liquid from shrimp peel and what you have left is what we like to call liquid gold. It doesn't look like much, but oh boy, does it taste good.

Dump the liquid gold back in the pot, with your saved onion. When it begins to simmer toss in the shrimp, add the tarragon, S&P to taste, and cook until the shrimp turns pink. It will not take long.


Don't forget to add the cream, and a little bit of corn starch as a thickener.

Here's a recipe for four:

1 lb medium sized fresh shrimp with shells

1.5 cups of chopped onions (~ 2 medium onions)

3-4 tbsp butter

2 cloves garlic chopped fine

1.5 cups white wine

S&P to taste

1 tbsp tarragon (the dry stuff is fine, Penzey's French Tarragon is amazing.)

1.5 cups cream

1.5 tsp cornstarch (mix it with a little bit of the cream before adding to pot to avoid lumps)

Baked fennel with parmesan & thyme as a side dish. Because anything that tastes like licorice must be good.


Almond torte, poached pears & whipping cream for dessert. Recipe from Everyday Foods. Will substitute mascarpone for the cream next time.


Now for something more important. What the hell is up with the Swedish Olympic team hats?! Did someones Grandma CROCHET these? Godaweful.


They could have been COOL looking like these:


I kind of want to make one myself. Like this one. But with moose.

Knitting Olympics

The object of the Games is to finish a challenging knitting project by February 28th. Around here it will be a 3 year old UFO...

Yes, "all" that is left is the lace around the edge. Around the entire damn thing. How realistic is it that it will get finished? Not very. But don't all athletes go to the Olypmics harboring a dream to win gold? I'm gonna at least dream. And maybe knit a row or two while watching the games. So exciting.