I must be missing the snow
And just like the dust I'll rise.

Old Mr Time

The Knitting Olympics project was decided upon. Find the oldest UFO, and just finish it. So Print O' the Wave stole it is. Ok, so I think there may be a sweater out there that's older, but God Only Knows where it is located. That must be worse than a UFO, it's been actually forgotten/misplaced, (or is that better?)

Now with recent events, the likelihood of it actually being finished is slim, but trying has to count for something.


Last week sort of felt like every hour was squeezed to its limit, & shit actually got done. Makes you wonder sometimes what I used to do with all my free time.


Oh yeah, that is Sherry in the measuring cup. Suprisingly nothing into the cook.


Chicken & Dumplings, sans Dumplings; but with rice, sort of turned into soup. But very good nonetheless. Leftovers for sure. With a little planning this upcoming week, maybe time can almost be reclaimed.


I swear these will be shipped this week.


Never wanted to see the inside of any color work I ever did. Seriously, most of it looked atrocious. Watched a few videos & read some (who knew you could learn by reading?!), and now I LOVE using more than one color. A little crazy maybe, hankering to make the Autumn Rose sweater. But that's for another time.


P.S. That would be Cook's Illustrated Chicken & Dumplings recipe. So very good.


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Mitts look AWESOME. You rule the color work!

Linda Stahl

LOVED making them, and it sureĀ  helps reading about techniques, clearly I didnt have a clue what I was doing before... Watched this video:
And her stuff totally ROCKS. I want to make another pair of mitts!

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